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If you believe in angels, then you must know that Stephanie was once one of them before she fell from grace and joined the high-class London escort scene. There is no other woman who could fit in this lifestyle better than Stephanie. She is an exceedingly classy young lady with a lot to offer to those who require only the finest company. With Stephanie, you can even have a 24-hour London escort experience with no worries about her not being ready for you: she will never agree to a booking if she doubts she is able to fulfill her duties. Stephanie is naturally a night owl, and she comes alive when the sun sets. You'll find that her appearance is similar to that of models – indeed, there's a good chance that she has done some modeling in the past - but it didn't bring her what she truly desired: lots of money and plenty of fun times with wealthy and powerful men. What really attracts Stephanie to these men is their ability of getting whatever they want – most likely they don't even want anything – just the knowledge they can turn their dreams into reality makes her knees weak!

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  • 27
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